Plans for a brand new Manlius fire station are in the works

— Manlius mayor Paul Whorrall has been involved in the process of planning a renovation for the Manlius fire stations for six years now and he said that the plans are finally coming together for a brand new station, which would tentatively be located at the intersection of Route 92 and Enders Road.

The new station would become the hub for all Manlius fire personnel, meaning that instead of utilizing two fire stations, the department would operate solely out of one location.

“It’d be easier for the volunteers to get to and easier to respond out of,” Whorrall said. “It’s also easier to maintain one station instead of two because we’d have to put additions on both stations, we’d eventually have to renovate two stations and we’d have our personnel responding to two different stations. It hasn’t been working as well as it had in the past.”

Manlius currently has two fire stations, station 1, which is located on Stickley Drive, and station 2, on Pompey Center Road. The fire department covers 27 square miles, and Whorrall said that the new station would tentatively be located right in the middle of the fire district, which reaches South into the town of Pompey and as far East as the border of the town of Sullivan.

“When we pull out of station 1, if we go left, we don’t even go a mile and we’re into Fayetteville’s fire district,” said Whorrall, who served as Fire Chief before he was elected mayor this year. “If we go right, we could have to go as many as ten miles. The intersection of Enders and 92 is almost exactly in the middle of our territory.”

Whorrall said the initial plan was to renovate both stations. When it became apparent that the fire department would be better utilized out of one station and that the cost would be twice as much, the Fire Facilities Committee decided to take the plans of what was needed at the two stations and combined them into one building.

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