Along the Lakeshore: Sept. 18

Not as many sailors, thoughts on Affordable Care Act

I had a strange phone call Wednesday morning while I was working in my woodshop. The caller asked if I would listen to a talk about the foibles of the Affordable Care Act. I stayed on the line and at the end I was asked if I agreed. If so, I was asked to push number one on the phone. There was no opportunity to place a negative vote. I am sure they will not total up the number of calls in their survey to determine the percentage of those that agree with the recording. They will only report that so many millions feel that the Affordable Care Act is a bad deal.

I think there are several positive reforms in the Affordable Care Act. No one can be refused for existing conditions, children are covered to age 26 and programs are provided so that there is coverage available for those who are short on the wherewithal to buy coverage.

My small company has provided a healthcare plan for the last 32 years and I would not try to operate without providing it. If you can’t provide healthcare coverage for employees, you should not be in business. It seems the schemers and the marginal operators are the ones who claim that the act will put them out of business.

I am particularly concerned because many of the people without coverage end up in the emergency room where they are charged the highest rates for service. If these folks were covered, they would have access to primary care doctors and would be billed at the negotiated rates. Also, the disadvantaged would no longer have to go to the hospital for primary care.

Joseph Spalding is a long-time Skaneateles resident who enjoys sharing his observations about the Skaneateles lakeshore and community. He can be reached at 685-6937.

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