Victory Campus — required profit is simple


To the editor:

The massive medical and sports complex proposed by Dr. Pietropaoli and VSM Enterprises, LLC. consists of a 61,000 square foot medical facility including multiple physicians, ambulatory surgery center and urgent care, a 177,000 square foot indoor sports facility including basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer/lacrosse fields and an athletic performance training center for high school, college and professional athletes and 13 multi-use outdoor fields some of which will be lighted.

How will Victory Campus generate profit to pay for a project that could easily cost in excess of $50 million? How will it provide a reasonable rate of return to its investors and lenders and provide a profit to the multiple business owners who will operate within the facility?

I assume a business plan (a document used by a business enterprise to convey their vision to potential lenders and investors) has been prepared by Dr. Pietropaoli that provides details of the operations of the proposed facility and answers to these questions. However, this business plan has not been shared with our boards.

But the answer is simple — attract people. Thousands of them. Every day and every weekend throughout the entire year.

Every aspect of this massive facility is service oriented and designed to attract people from outside the town and village of Skaneateles.

How many medical providers will operate in the medical facility? If there are 40 providers who see 35 patients per day, will 1,400 patients and cars per day be driving back and forth through the village?

How many tournaments will take place within the indoor sports facility and how many athletes, spectators and cars will result? In 2012, a comparable indoor facility had 31 indoor tournaments over 76 days, with 3,302 teams, 28,460 athletes and 209,450 in total attendance.

How many lacrosse, soccer and baseball tournaments will take place using the 13 outdoor multi-use fields? A recent three-day lacrosse tournament at a comparable facility had 123 teams and 2,100 athletes. A tournament of this size could easily mean there would be more than 2,500 cars entering and exiting the facility on Route 20 and driving back and forth through the village. What if there is a tournament with 150 teams? 300 teams?

So it is simple — profit will be generated by attracting thousands of patients, athletes and spectators. And the more people, the more profit. There is no limit.

But this is also simple — this massive development is a significant threat to the character of our community and its environment!

Jim Moore


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