Upset by Owera’s public funding


To the editor:

OK, I was upset with this grant (gift!) from the get-go. If someone has the money to buy acreage on East Lake Road, they ought to have the capital or credit worthiness to develop a business and not enlist the public sector.

My question is, and I'm not aware, of what terms were applied to this grant? I'm impressed this “winery” has produced an award-winning product with someone else's juice, but I've got a friend who's doing the same effort from his kitchen, with no public assistance.

It's like the restoration of Carpenter's Barn; “It'll be great, but we don't know what we'll do with it …” How about giving taxpayers a break, and not granting grants that offer no public value?

I'm sure established reception venues like the Brewster Inn, Brae Loch Inn and Linklaen House had to be less than pleased to be competing against a taxpayer-funded competitor like Owera.

The egregious flaw in American politics is the “granting” of political favoritism. Care to do some research?



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