Owera problems apply to Empire brewery


To the editor:

The recent article on complaints from neighbors of Owera illustrates what concerns the future neighbors of Empire, only we have more reason for our apprehension. Unlike Owera, which is well-designed and set on a decent sized piece of property, Empire will be a massive industrial structure wedged into a 600-foot-wide parcel of land and will be extremely close to its neighbors, including Lorenzo. Lorenzo is currently turning the other cheek to this project, probably because of the governor’s position on “farmstead” breweries. They won't like constant noise next to their lovely park.

This brewery is going to make life hell for its neighbors, and its owner has already proven, repeatedly, that his word cannot be trusted. Just read the contradictions in the village public records.

While wonderful in concept, the reality of these farmstead wineries and breweries with minimal crop production is that they are technically, but not truly, agribusiness. They require large locations without close neighbors for their commercial and event operations.

Owera has more than twice the acreage of Empire, as we recall. Empire, which has a far more ambitious building agenda, has just over 20 acres. The complaints about Owera prove the point we have tried to make repeatedly: this is not enough land nor is it in the right location for this type of business. Probably one of those same neighbors who assured us in a hearing last spring that Owera has enhanced her property values is now complaining bitterly about the noise and impact on her quality of life. And Owera's neighbors are nowhere near as close as Empire’s neighbors will be.

Please do not let this project continue as currently designed. It was promoted and “sold” as a quaint farmstead brewery. That is not what we will have and it is not going to be what Cazenovians expect.



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