Skaneateles candidates discuss local issues, government at forum

The candidates for town offices in Skaneateles.

The candidates for town offices in Skaneateles. Photo by Joe Genco.

McGlynn said that one of the reasons that the planning board made one determination and then later rescinded its decision was because there was false information presented and people from Citizens to Preserve the Character of Skaneateles (CPCS) were able to bring new facts to their attention.

The Skaneateles Party candidates however, commented that the system may need to be changed.

“I think that the decision to change the SEQR declaration was because of citizen outcry, fortunately we had people who were willing to do some research and come before the planning board and challenge their decision and without those individuals, and some of them were CPCS, I don’t think that there would have been change, Sennett said.

Robinson Howard said that elected officials should have a larger role in cases like this.

“I do think that the town board should have a role in reviewing this kind of proposal, I don’t think it should be completely up to the planning board,” she said.

The incumbents also fielded questions about its lawsuit against the Skaneateles Recreational Charitable Trust and its decision not to pursue refinancing a bond for the debt from the Skaneateles fire hall.

McGlynn and Keyes both said that there had been misinformation circulating through letters to the editor and elsewhere regarding these past decisions. In both cases, the board discussed the proper course of action with the town attorney and made the decision they felt was appropriate.

McGlynn said that with the bond refinance, they would have had to spend time and money to send out a bid for proposals and they then would be at the mercy of constantly changing interest rates.

Sennett said that in the case of the bond issue the town showed poor communication with the village, an issue that could be corrected in the future by the mayor and supervisor meeting face to face to talking on the phone.

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