LETTER: Village hall a significant accomplishment

To the editor:

It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve on the village board since 2002. During this time, many accomplishments, both large and small, have taken place. I have never been prouder however, of my association with the village than at the dedication of the new village hall on Thursday, Oct. 3. Taking a sturdy but dilapidated building that had been sitting empty and unused for years and creating an attractive, efficient and functional, joint village office and police station is a significant accomplishment. In doing so, the former village hall at 46 East Genesee St. has been returned to the tax rolls, benefitting village, town, and school district tax payers. If these two steps alone had constituted the total project, it would have been a laudable accomplishment. The fact that the building will return electricity to the grid as a “net-zero” building is something to truly celebrate. As a board member who was not part of the project team, I salute, and congratulate the entire group who moved the project forward (I do not want to risk omitting anyone so will not list names, but Mayor Hubbard and Director of Municipal Operations Bob Lotkowictz led the charge) and thank everyone responsible for securing the two grants that enabled us to accomplish the “net-zero” goal at no added cost to village taxpayers.

Municipal building projects are tricky and difficult. It is much easier to criticize from the side than be in the trenches doing the work that moves a project forward. I congratulate the team that worked hard and long, and with focus, to bring this project to completion, and suggest that anyone wishing to criticize the project question their motives. I am proud to salute the team who got this project done and thank them for their successful efforts. The village of Skaneateles created the first “net-zero” municipal building in the entire state — a significant accomplishment well worth celebrating!

Sue Jones

Skaneateles village Trustee

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