LETTER: Response to letter about hydrofracking

To the editor:

After reading Nan Pardee’s letter in the opinion section of the Oct. 2 edition of the Skaneateles Press I feel I would like to put out a couple thoughts of my own. In her letter she said she was surprised the incumbent candidates were taking credit for passing laws to protect our town from hydrofracking. My though, why not, they did vote for and pass those laws. The people that served on the committee to investigate the effects of hydrofracking did so in an advisory position to help our elected officials make a good, educated decision on what was best for our town not just taking the opinion of a small bias group. Did they take too long? I don’t think so; this and other sensitive topics require time to look at all sides of the discussion.

Many times our citizens forget that our elected officials are elected to serve all of their constituency not just the vocal few. They need to meet and seek out other opinions from people though out the community. That takes time, and let not forget these men and women have jobs, business and families to.

They also have laws to content with. A committee can develop an opinion, and deliver their verdict very quickly, not so with elected officials, they are required by oath to uphold the laws no matter if it is town, state or federal.

In closing, I would like to thank outgoing supervisor Terri Roney and all of our town board members for your service to our community. I would encourage everyone to consider re-electing Jim Greenfield, Rick Keyes and Steve McGlynn on Nov. 5 election.



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