Baldwinsville business owner’s life celebrated with annual scholarship fund

Joe Falardeau with his wife Suzanne, and children Emily and Jeffery.

Joe Falardeau with his wife Suzanne, and children Emily and Jeffery.

It would be difficult to find someone in the Baldwinsville community who had not been touched by the life of Joseph D. Falardeau. As the owner and operator of Falardeau Funeral Home, he was the person to offer solace to those in grief. Sadly, he passed suddenly on Oct. 2 at 47. The community has gained so much from him, and has now been asked to celebrate his life with the development of an annual scholarship through the Baldwinsville Community Scholarship Foundation.

There were many things that made Joe unique. His very tall stature seemed in contrast with the calming presence he exuded in his professional life. Outside of his work, he was seen as a man who enjoyed life, wanting everyone around him have a reason to smile. He had a distinctive laugh, sharing enduring warmth that drew people to him. Many people would often refer to him by his nickname, “the Gentle Giant”. He loved his children, Emily and Jeffery, with all his heart. He was a man of deep faith, with a personal philosophy of wanting to make things better for everyone, whether he knew them personally or not. There seemed to be little he would not do if he thought it could help some.

His mother Helen Falardeau remembers her son as someone who, “would do whatever it took to make you smile. He would always find the time to do for others.”

There are other aspects of Joe Falardeau that not everyone in the community will be as familiar with. He was passionate about music. A self-taught musician, he had mastered the piano and guitar.

His spouse of 20 years, Suzanne Daws Falardeau was imressed by his abilities.

“If there was something Joe wanted to learn how to do, he would figure it out and be able do it,” She said. “He loved music and taught himself to play piano and guitar. He was the same with computers. He never went to school for it, he just learned how all the different types of programs and equipment would work and practice till he had figured it out and got it down to memory.”

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