LETTER: Time for a change - vote Lorene Dadey

To the editor:

Your Oct. 23 newspaper contained a rather disturbing /unethical letter from Bernie Ment about the County Legislature race in our area. Who on earth is Bernie Ment to question Lorene Dadey's record as a civil servant ? He has never won anything or served anywhere and is not a property owner in the village of East Syracuse or the town of DeWitt. For the record, here are a few facts I had heard in person at various meetings.

Dan Liedka said on PBS TV in a interview that each home owner in the village would receive a tax credit of $500 based on a $ 100,000 house if they voted to abolish the East Syracuse Police Department.

A few weeks later, the Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci said at the St. Matthews Gym meeting that the correct figure is $ 247, not $500.

We all know the people spoke loud and clear by voting 539 to 300 to retain the police in the village.

During the recent meeting at East Syracuse Elementary, the lawyer representing the East Syracuse firemen, Mark Butler, said that the firemen needed $ 750,000 per year to run their operation. The town of DeWitt gave them $1 million per year with the understanding that the firemen would have a separate account for savings for capital equipment each year, but as of right now, the balance in this so called "reserve account" is zero. So where did this funding go each year during Mayor Liedka's many years as mayor ? Mark Butler reported that this amounted to $1.4 million missing. This should not be a surprise to anyone because the Eagle Bulletin reported the same figures in an article by Allie Wenner on page 1 of their Oct. 16 paper.

It is time for a change - vote for Lorene Dadey for county legislature on Nov. 5 and for Joey Chiarenza, Kerin Rigney and Jamie Frank for DeWitt town board.



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