In support of Fenner Neighbor party


To the editor:

The upcoming election in Fenner for seats to be filled on the town board is an opportunity for the residents of Fenner to make an important choice. I write to encourage my neighbors to vote for the Fenner Neighbors Party slate: Carl Snow for town supervisor, Phil Rose and Cindy Gavula for town board.

Recently, I attended a meeting with the candidates and other residents of our town at which we were asked to note what it is we like about Fenner, where we have chosen to live. What emerged revealed that we have an extraordinary amount in common. We like the natural beauty, the agricultural character of the town, the peace and quiet, the views, the night sky, the clean water, air and soil and yes, even the wind. No one wants Fenner to change.

There is but one issue that has the potential to destroy everything we cherish about Fenner. Hydrofracking and its potential is frightening. Phil, Cindy and Carl have led an information campaign to ensure that each of us has access to what we need to know to make up our minds intelligently on this issue. We have learned more than enough to be convinced.

In areas where it has been allowed, the practice of hydrofracking has consumed and poisoned large quantities of clean water and there is no safe, satisfactory way to clean or dispose of this water. The drinking water supplies for both animals and humans have been compromised. Hydrofracking is to be blamed for despoiling the land, for deteriorating the roads and doing harm to the social fabric of the communities it has invaded. It does not benefit the community or the citizens as a whole and the destruction it causes to the environment, especially the water supply is permanent. It represents a significant threat to our community. What we are seeking is an outright ban on hydrofracking in Fenner.

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