LETTER: Rhinehart supports Greenfield for supervisor

To the editor:

Skaneateles has been a sustainable community for over 150 years… It remains a desirable place to live because of families like the Greenfields who have been stewards of this community and land for generations.

Jim Greenfield’s background in agri-business and service to the community (Soil and Water Conservation District board, beginning of the Skaneateles Lake Watershed Agriculture program) and town board, demonstrate solid leadership and a strong commitment to a sustainable future for our children…

Future retirement costs at the village and town governments, and our school district may not be sustainable though, and how can government best help our local emergency services organizations survive? We have excellent community emergency volunteers that are stretched thin, regulated more, and carry a heavy load of responsibility. Government can and should promote better efficiency, more volunteerism, and a positive environment in this area. Accusations and criticism from one Board at another will not get us there, though, good leadership will…

Future pension obligations, can be eased by increasing inter-municipal “shared–services.” This will also take leadership. Village and town tax incentives could help to encourage increased membership at our local emergency services. The community center will be an ongoing challenge. Difficult decisions have been made, and not all will agree, but “finger-pointing after the fact” is not leadership, or a solution, and only promotes division.

We talk about “cooperation” at election time but as a past mayor of the village I can’t help but wonder when I look at our new “village only” municipal building, that an opportunity was missed there (along with the Post Office parking lot issue that was supposed to be addressed when the fire department moved on; this affects everyone in the whole town).

I support Jim Greenfield for town supervisor. His experience and leadership style is the right formula for our community.

Jim Rhinehart

Former Skaneateles Village Trustee/Mayor

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