LETTER: Judy Boyke is the best candidate for the town of Cicero

— LETTER: Judy Boyke is the Best Candidate for the Town of Cicero

To the editor:

Judy Boyke is the best candidate to become the supervisor for the town of Cicero. Judy is a person that sincerely cares about the residents of Cicero and where their tax dollars are being spent. As a former Cicero town supervisor, Judy has a successful track record as a leader in our town. After leaving office she continued her commitment to the town. You will find Judy at almost every town board meeting; she researches the agenda items to see if they are beneficial to the residents, and is very knowledgeable about the issues facing this town. Judy Boyke is for “people, not politics.”

People close to me know that I rarely speak out publicly. However, I feel it is important that I express my opinions regarding Jessica Zambrano's candidacy. My experience with Jessica is that she is a person who likes to be in control and has a hard time working collaboratively. I believe this high-level of control was an asset to her in her professional career, and I commend her for that. However, as a town councilor, she lacked the ability to work with the town board for the best interests of the residents, and seemed to be more concerned with her own personal and political gain. I am amazed at the amount of times that she would say one thing, and vote another way. Does she really know where she stands on the issues?

The Republicans have qualified Republicans on their committee who wanted to run for supervisor. Why did they choose to run someone who is not a Republican? Something doesn't seem right. I am a member of the Cicero Democratic Committee. When she was a member of this committee Jessica Zambrano continually worked against some of the people in our group. As she knew that the Democratic Committee would never support her, because of her actions, Jessica changed her party to Independence and then chose to pursue the nomination on the Republican ballot. She has submitted a change to become a Republican, but this will not happen until after the election. Obviously loyalty is not one of her strengths.

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