Ann Jones: Excellent candidate for county clerk


To the editor:

What a pleasure it is to be able to recommend such a good candidate to your readers. I think it’s remarkable that on almost every occasion, when your readers see a letter recommending Ann for this office, they also see comments about her outgoing nature and gentle personality.

Ann is well known throughout Madison County and by every account, she is a good person; a perfect public servant.

In addition, Ann Jones is an excellent choice for County Clerk. She has it all. By virtue of her years of work for Madison County with the Board of Elections, she has an extensive background in preservation and compilation of vital records. She was employed by a major corporation to head the HR office and as a result, she has the ability and personal resources to lead, partner with and manage the staff of the Clerk’s office.

Ann Jones has lived in Madison County for decades; she is a farmer; she is well educated, hard working and everyone that knows her knows that by her kind nature and pleasant personality she is ideally suited for the sort of “Customer Service” that residents have every right to expect from a public servant.

She has plans for the office. Expanding on-line services and making it easier for residents or business owners in, for example, Brookfield, to look at their important documents without having to travel all the way to Wampsville should be the norm and the existence and availability of this technology is not foreign to Ann. The technology has been available for years; it needs to be implemented now. The failure to deliver documents online and instead compelling business owners and residents to travel long distances to see important documents is a huge inconvenience, bearing costs concealed in the cost of lost productivity, travel time, energy and fuel.

This was an issue four years ago and no progress has been made. Ann will work to do it. The time to act on these ideas is long past. Let’s do it now and start the process by electing Ann Jones. Vote for Ann Jones — County Clerk



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