Vote no on state ballot proposals one and five


To the editor:

On the November ballot there will be several proposals amending the constitution to benefit private companies. Proposal Number One is an amendment “Authorizing Casino Gaming” and Proposal Number Five, is an amendment “In Relation to a Land Exchange…” These proposals promise one thing but may deliver another.

Proposal Number One promises gambling will lower taxes, provide money for schools and create jobs. But don’t bet on it. Billionaire investors will become richer, corporations and some politicians will profit. Mostly poverty-level employment will be created. Casino gaming can lead to an increase crime and bankruptcy. Gambling addiction destroys families. Taxpayers pay.

Proposal Five on the ballot promises to “restore the condition of the land and return it to the forest preserve.” What this really is, however, is a land swap which will replace one of our “forever wild” places with an open pit mine. Promising to fill in a 200-acre mine after the ore is depleted is no guarantee the damage can be undone. This will open the door to other mining operations.

Please leave something of value to those who follow by safeguarding what we have. Protect our rights and vote no on Proposals One and Five on Nov. 5.



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