LETTER: Time for a change in leadership

To the editor,

It’s time for a change in Skaneateles town leadership. The three incumbents running for election to our Skaneateles town board have constituted a majority voting bloc, and if successful would continue as such. It seems to me that the “good old boys” (and they are good guys) have missed the boat relating to several issues which weigh heavily on the town’s future.

A few come to mind:

  1. Hydrofracking: It took a multi-year effort by non-elected parties to finally persuade them to enact a ban — no leadership there.

  2. Victory Sports complex: To my knowledge, they have never publicly taken a stance for or against a proposed project that would be disastrous for Skaneateles (both town and village). If they supported it, they should have stated so. If they were opposed, why weren’t they active in challenging it? So far it has cost about $40,000 of private donations to hold off (and maybe defeat) a proposal which should never have proceeded to its recent proportions. They should have been out front on this one!

  3. Comprehensive plan: Until recently their actions (or lack thereof) have indicated that they were satisfied with the status quo and they dragged their feet on a legally required review. Amazing how an upcoming election and some public criticism have prompted a belated move to proceed. At least one has publicly professed satisfaction with a document which was intended to address changing conditions and to change over time.

  4. Finances and taxes: They take credit in their campaign literature for reducing taxes when most of the recent expense reduction resulted when the YMCA took over the recreation center and eliminated any town subsidy. Then they engaged in an ill-advised lawsuit involving equipment used at the center. They recently passed up a chance to refinance the fire station bonds and save taxpayers approximately $165,000 with absolutely no change in town services. I see no fiscal expertise or responsibility there.

  5. The lake: they all express concern for our lake, but I was dumbfounded to learn that none of them has ever been a member of the Skaneateles Lake Association.

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