LETTER: Support Skaneateles Party candidates

To the editor:

Everyone wants to play on the winning team, but waiting until the bottom of the 9th inning before choosing sides is not leadership. It’s just politics as usual.

The town board stood on the sidelines, failing to go on the record regarding Victory Sports and other controversial developments. Now, as the election approaches, incumbent board members seem willing to express opposition to unpopular projects. They want credit for the hydrofracking ban, despite the fact that they actually prolonged the process, repeatedly extending the moratorium, hoping that some other agency would take the lead in enacting legislation.

Community activists, including Skaneateles Party candidates Claire Robinson Howard, Connie Brace and Mary Sennett, were on the leading edge of anti-fracking legislation. They deserve credit for the fracking ban — not the board that dragged its feet throughout the process.

The town board created the planning board to bring enhanced expertise to the development process. In doing so, the town board essentially abdicated responsibility to people who are appointed by the town board, not elected by the citizens. They did not attend public information sessions, advise, speak out or attempt to clarify their positions or the process.

Our only option is to elect town board members who will appoint citizens to the planning and zoning boards who will protect and represent the community’s interests. We have to elect people who step up to bat in the first inning, not those who wait until the bottom of the ninth before getting in the game. We deserve a town board that doesn’t respond to citizens’ concerns with the attitude that “it’s not our table.”

Don’t let your usual party affiliation sway your vote. The aptly-named Skaneateles Party represents the best interests of all Skaneateles residents, regardless of party affiliation.

With all due respect to the incumbent Skaneateles town board members, it’s time for a change. Vote for Skaneateles Party candidates Mary Sennett, Connie Brace and Claire Robinson Howard.

Asher Cohen


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