LETTER: Mangicaro’s letter twisted the facts

— LETTER: Mangicaro’s letter twisted the facts

To the editor:

I read with interest Mark Mangicaro’s letter which appeared in the Oct. 9 edition of your newspaper (“Selecting the best candidate”). In fact I read it several times, because I was fascinated by the way he twisted events and pulled facts from, well, thin air.

First, Mr. Mangicaro’s assertion that Chet Dudzinski has “sour grapes” because he did not get the Republican endorsement to run for Cicero town supervisor is absolutely out of line and totally untrue.

I was one of several people Mr. Dudzinski had conversations with before he sought the nomination. When it became apparent that Mr. Mangicaro and his faction of Cicero Republican committee members were going to look outside the party and select Jessica Zambrano to lead the Republican ticket, I urged Mr. Dudzinski to run.

The Republican party is sizeable in Cicero. Its membership includes many talented and qualified people who could serve as town supervisor and Jessica Zambrano is not one of them. She is not talented, she is not qualified and she is not a Republican.

I served with Jessica Zambrano on the Cicero Town Board. During that time, she was not a leader, she was not engaged in town matters, she criticized town policies without offering solutions and she was a constant critic of Republicans who held the town board majority.

Mr. Mangicaro says Jessica Zambrano, over the last 18 months, had a dramatic change of political heart and now supports town Republicans and that is why she received the Republican endorsement for supervisor.

Really? I see it as blatant opportunism on Jessica Zambrano’s part. She began courting Cicero’s Republican leadership after she fell out of favor with the town Democrat party, which she belonged to for many years.

Mr. Mangicaro compared Jessica Zambrano’s transformation to that of Ronald Reagan when he left the Democrats and joined the Republicans.

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