LETTER: Giving $50,000 for early notification is disgusting

And like in your May 2013 newsletter, if budgets don’t pass there are detrimental effects like those listed. Citizens using facilities that their tax dollars paid for as an example. But you don’t think anything about handing over money to the superintendent that is completely unnecessary. Well, you know what, unless this decision is reversed, you will not get another “yes” vote out of my wife and I when you come pleading for more money to pay aids, programs etc. in future budget votes. You should instead spend our money more wisely and keep it in the reserve.

I would think reasonable people will rethink this decision. Although reasonable people wouldn’t have come up with this idea to begin with. We have already moved our seventh grade daughter to another school because of other poor decisions by the board and administration at BCSD. Unfortunately the situation brought on by the board and administration reflects badly on all of BCSD in the media and many of the workers do not deserve it. We expect and demand more from this board. Apparently you have forgotten your original purpose, to provide an education for the kids and work for the employees. You are not a company or private industry that can decide to hand out bonus like this whenever you feel like it. Time for some new people on the BCSD board.

David Stanard

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