LETTER: Giving $50,000 for early notification is disgusting

To the editor and Baldwinsville CSD Board of Education:

My wife and I just got done paying $2,800 in school taxes. Money we worked hard for along with paying for three kids in college and three in grade school. To read the article “Baldwinsville superintendent to receive $50,000 for early retirement notification” on syracuse.com was disgusting.

That the board hands my money out like candy to any employee, especially someone already making $246,000 a year, is totally irresponsible. I cannot believe the board thinks they have the right to give away $50,000 of taxpayer money, including my money for something like this. You are not saving a head hunter fee, you are saving nothing, just handing over money. The superintendent has a contract and a contract date. Most competent people could plan based on using a contract date. As others have said, if she decided to leave five months ago, a la Nancy Cantor’ short notice, you would find someone without needing to pay the current superintendent anything additional.

2011 – “Baldwinsville school district could cut more than 50 positions” on syracuse.com

2010 – “Baldwinsville school district to cut positions, raise taxes” on syracuse.com

2011 – “Parents respond to Baldwinsville’s proposed athletic budget” on cnycentral.com

2010 – “Budget Cuts Bench Freshmen Across CNY” on democracywise.syr.edu

It wasn’t long ago that we got the sales pitch for budgets or the needs for cuts like those in the above articles. We had the cutting of sports programs, teachers, etc... because of the lack of funds. We had to listen how money has been continuously taken from reserves to meet the budget. We hear the story of how the kids will be hurt by program cuts, including my two daughters still in BCSD if the budget doesn’t pass. They are in the articles above.

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