LETTER: Experience is needed in a time of change for town

To the editor:

Thank you for the opportunity to continue as your town clerk, a position I am so proud to hold. Being unopposed does not mean that I will take the job for granted, I still have a lot more I want to do. I appreciate all the support you have shown me over my 25 years with the town.

I am running on a ticket that includes Jim Greenfield, Steve McGlynn and Rick Keyes, who are running for town board positions. As clerk to the board I am very familiar with the work they do. This board is one of the hardest working boards I have worked with. I truly dislike negative campaigning. When I see negative letters in the Press that are so blatantly untrue I feel I have to speak up. Recently a letter to the editor said that the board never attended any of the hydrofracking meetings. I was shocked. I personally attended sessions at the church and school with board members. I personally organized board members who traveled to Pennsylvania and other areas to obtain more information and to see first-hand some of the hydrofracking impacts. I personally sat in many executive sessions as the board sought legal guidance. But probably the most important aspect is that they listened. They listened to Mary Menapace and to so many others. They formed a hydrofracking committee and those members helped the board decipher information and they work together to adopt legislation. The town board always gave credit to the many residents who worked so hard on this. And really, isn’t that what we want? Don’t we want a town board that listens? Don’t we want to be able to attend a board meeting and be heard? I hope so, because it doesn’t always happen.

The town will face changes in many departments next year due to retirements. Long-time department heads will be leaving. Jim Card, highway superintendent with over 30 years of experience, Debbie Williams, codes enforcement officer with over 20 years, Ron Miller, assessor for six years, a new town attorney will be hired and a new town supervisor will be taking office. This is the most change I have ever seen in the town. Each department will need the wisdom and advice from an experienced town board that is familiar with all the issues and understands the operation and budgets of each department. Jim Greenfield, Steve McGlynn and Rick Keyes are ready to support these departments with the knowledge they have gained over the last four plus years in office.

When you head to your polling place on Nov. 5 remember that this board has kept their promises by continuing with the services you have come to expect and by reducing your taxes. I hope you will agree with me that on Nov. 5 you will pull the lever for Jim Greenfield, Steve McGlynn and Rick Keyes.

Janet L. Aaron

Town ClerK

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