What’s in a name?

Long past time to deal with offensive nicknames, pro or otherwise

Just as Roger Goodell and other NFL leaders dropped the ball, literally and figuratively, when it came to addressing the link between concussions and brain damage in players, they’ve proved a bit cowardly in dealing with the Pro Football Team in Washington, deferring to Snyder for a long time and, only now, belatedly acknowledging that this might be a problem for some.

It’s not going away, nor should it. Too many powerful forces are at work, and the only way Snyder and his franchise is going to adequately address the critics is to admit that, hey, there just might be a problem here, and hey, perhaps a new nickname, while keeping the burgundy and gold, would not mean the end of the world.

For three generations, as so many other teams, pro and college, chose honor instead of offense, we’ve protected the Pro Football Team in Washington. Perhaps it’s time to stop doing that – at least until they get wise, so that I can type their nickname again with a clear conscience.

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