LETTER: Zambrano is no Reagan

— LETTER: Zambrano is no Reagan

To the editor:

I am responding to Mark Mangicaro’s letter that appeared in the Oct. 10th edition of the Star News, the letter in which he accused me of having “sour grapes.”

Mr. Mangicaro:

I don’t know how many times I have to say it but I’ll try one more time. My opposition to you and your group of Republican committee members’ decision to back Jessica Zambrano for Cicero supervisor is based solely on two facts: She is not an enrolled Republican and she is an opportunist.

I have no “sour grapes” and I would have enthusiastically supported any candidate you and your group nominated as long as that candidate is an enrolled Republican.

Mr. Mangicaro, I am sorry, but I cannot make it any plainer than that. If you still do not understand what I am saying, you know how to reach me.

Your comparison of Ms. Zambrano to President Ronald Reagan is astonishing to say the least. But if you want to go down that road, OK let’s go.

It’s true that, like President Reagan, Ms. Zambrano is a former Democrat. But the similarity ends there.

Ronald Reagan began supporting Republican presidential candidates with Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 - 12 years before he officially joined the Republican Party and a full 28 years before Republicans endorsed him for president.

Ms. Zambrano has never supported or worked on the campaigns of any town Republican, and though she somehow managed to get your endorsement for the town’s top job, she still is not an enrolled Republican.

Ronald Reagan had a lengthy record of accomplishments and working with other Republicans before he was nominated for the California governorship and then the presidency.

Ms. Zambrano has a lengthy record of opposing Cicero Republicans and only became allied with town Republicans after her party was ousted, two years ago, in the last town election.

Mr. Mangicaro has told me of his fondness for political books and his appreciation of a good political phrase that can be tweaked and used at the local level.

Well, here’s one for you: Mr. Mangicaro, I know Ms. Zambrano. I served on the town board with Ms. Zambrano. Mr. Mangicaro, I can tell you that Ms. Zambrano is no Ronald Reagan.

Chester Dudzinski


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