LETTER: Town officials haven’t been the best fiscal managers

To the editor:

The current town board members, who are running for office, are bragging about the tax rate being lower today than in 2009. They are telling us that from a high in 2009, they’ve been able to reduce spending by over one million dollars and reduce the number of town employees. That’s sounds really amazing until you realize that in 2009, under town management, the community center was operating at a loss of about $200,000 each year. In 2010 the YMCA took over management of the community center and that’s why the town could recognize those savings. The savings they’re touting are not the result of brilliant financial management.

The town, however, has amnesia about their ability to manage recreation programs. After having the Y run the winter ice program in the Austin Pavilion, the town took it back. What happened? Steve McGlynn went to the ice users this summer and said we need to raise your rates because we lost $10,000. Not my idea of good management or fiscal responsibility. That’s why I’m voting Sennett, Brace and Howard.

Julie Sharpe


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