LETTER: A response to ‘Along the Lakeshore’ comments on lake levels

A response to ‘Along the Lakeshore’ comments on lake levels

To the editor:

I could not agree more with the statement that controlling the Skaneateles Lake levels is important. However, the optimal level is extremely suggestive and not as absolute as suggested in Joseph Spalding’s column, published on Oct. 2.

First of all, Mr. Spalding states that the base line, or Jan. 1 level, is 860 feet. However, it is now October and Mr. Spalding’s statement that he “thinks” the city will maintain the high levels is merely opinion and does not have any basis in fact.

However, and much more significantly, there are many residents with lakefront property who would strongly disagree that the lake is too high at the present time. While one individual such as Mr. Spalding would like the lake lower to benefit his own personal dock, many residents feel otherwise. At the annual meeting of the Thornton Grove Association in July, the 20 residents agreed that the lake level was at the correct height, which exceeded 862.0 feet. Absolutely nobody was concerned that the lake level increased or decreased approximately 6 inches from that level.

There are residents on the lake who have fixed docks and when the lake level drops 2 feet or more from the current level, they cannot use their docks at all. The consensus that came out of our annual Thornton Grove Association meeting was that everyone cared more about the lake level being constant at a reasonable level instead of having significant fluctuations during the season. Personally, as long as the lake maintains a relatively constant level, I don’t care what level it is maintained at since I, like a lot of others, have removable and adjustable docks that can be set up at any lake level. However, significantly lowering the lake level, as suggested by Mr. Spalding in his column, at the end of the season is detrimental to almost everyone since a fixed dock cannot be used and even a removable dock will have water levels that make it difficult of impossible to use.

In summary, I agree 100 percent with Mr. Spalding that the “water level is of great importance to the shore dwellers” but clearly, all shore dwellers do not agree that the lake should be lowered to accommodate Mr. Spalding’s low dock.

Alex Davidson


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