LETTER: Where do local candidates stand on local issues?

— LETTER: Where do local candidates stand on local issues?

To the editor:

I am a Democrat and a progressive. Make no mistake about it. I believe in universal health care and women’s reproductive rights. I believe in the same civil rights for all, including gays and lesbians. I think that the less fortunate should be helped and given the tools they need to lead healthy, happy, productive lives.

No one on the Cicero Town Board can effect changes in these areas, either individually or collectively. So, when I vote in the general election on Nov. 5, I will not consider the candidates’ stances on the above issues.

For each candidate, I will consider the following. Is the candidate articulate, i.e. can he/she understand the problems the town faces and the myriad of solutions available and explain them clearly to his/her constituents?

Is the candidate fiscally responsible? Will he/she watch every dollar and ask (no, insist on) justification for those requested dollars and ask for it in writing so that the public can easily obtain the information?

Does the candidate believe in enforcing the local laws already passed, especially in the area of code enforcement, an area that has been seriously neglected until this past year?

Will the candidate increase the transparency of government? Though much has been accomplished in this area in the last 21 months, the government of the town of Cicero has a long way to go to be fully transparent.

If you do not know where the candidates stand on issues that concern you, visit their respective web sites. Call or email them with your questions. Each candidate should be happy to answer those questions. Vote for those candidates who best answered your questions or whose web site has allayed any concerns you may have had.

I have made my decision based on my knowledge of the candidates. Have you?



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