LETTER: Selecting the best candidate

— LETTER: Selecting the best candidate

To the editor:

One of the most important things I do as a member of the Cicero Republican Committee is to encourage successful individuals to run for office. Often there are several people who show an interest in running for the same seat. Cicero Republicans look to the most qualified candidates who share our core values, most importantly a cost-effective, efficient government that is committed to the present and future well-being of our town.

It is our committee’s goal that when a Cicero citizen walks in the voting booth on Election Day, he or she will have confidence in voting for the people running on the Republican line knowing that the Cicero Republican Committee has done its due diligence and found the best candidates. Period. It is of no consequence if our candidate’s past includes a stint in a different party. It is the values each candidate has now that strengthens our party and moves our town forward. We are not exclusive. Members of our Grand Old Party set that precedent decades ago, most famously when our California brethren wisely ran former-Democrat Ronald Regan for governor.

Unfortunately the opinion page has recently been littered with the sour grapes of one of our committee members who just doesn’t get it and insists on slinging mud at our nominee. Please understand that he does not speak for our committee. Our committee spoke, and spoke loudly, when we overwhelming voted to nominate Jessica Zambrano as our candidate for Cicero Town Supervisor. Jessica stood before the scrutiny of dozens of Cicero Republican Committee members and earned that nomination. It was her lifetime of public service, proven record of fiscal conservatism in town government and willingness to put in countless hours campaigning that won us over.

Frankly, I am quite proud of most of my fellow committee members for having both the courage and good sense to understand that we must not limit our choices to the 50 or so members of our committee when looking for candidates. Jessica Zambrano is the best candidate for Cicero town supervisor. That is why she is our nominee.




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