Owera Vineyards proposes permanent events building to planning board

— Muserlian, along with his landscape architect, architect, sound engineering expert and Owera attorney appeared before the town planning board on Oct. 3 to provide the board with project information and to receive feedback before submitting its formal application for the project in November, Gagliano said.

According to the Owera experts at the meeting, the building proposal is based off the footprint of the current tent but includes an additional wing and storage area; a seating capacity for 300 people; only two doorways (instead of the current four doorways), both with vestibules; self-closing doors; and triple-glazed windows at a smaller size than the current tent. The walls will be 2x8 construction with staggered 2x6 studs within; have 6 inches of sound insulation, wood siding on top of plywood, noise barriers on inside space with seven-eighths-inch resilient channels to insulate sound.

The noise levels heard at the closest property line to the winery is expected to be 60 decibels, said Owera’s sound engineering expert Bob Andres. “That’s pretty good. My talking right now is about 60 decibels,” Andres said.

Andres said the building will be a “multiple composite structure” of a type never before accomplished, which will not only limit general noise but will also address the bass and high-frequency noise levels.

The new building would have events year-round, versus the current six-month event season with the tent, and the current outdoor bar would be brought inside to help reduce outside noise levels, Muserlian said.

Planning Board Member Anne Ferguson said the proposed state-of-the-art building “seems like an awful lot of expense” and asked why the winery does not look at simply limiting the music played there to softer music like string quartets and classical music. Owera attorney Antonio E. Caruso said the winery plays the music its clients want to hear, and therefore this proposed building is the “proper response” to the noise issue facing Owera.

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