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Cazenovia College has had numerous important events take place in recent weeks, including, as we report in this week’s issue, the official naming of the new Jephson Campus, new inductees into the college hall of fame and an upcoming Great Minds lecture event. The college also worked closely with the village to create the new Lincklaen Street parking lot. These, and other, college events — including sports games and cultural activities — seem to be constantly ongoing in our village, and they are open to village residents to attend and participate. This has got us thinking in recent weeks that despite the fact that we are a “college town” there seems to be a large disconnect between the college and the village communities. And this really should not be so. The college is a wonderful asset to Cazenovia that helps keep our community vibrant, but it seems that few of us actually attend the numerous art exhibits, lectures and sporting events that occur weekly. Likewise, it seems that college students and staff sometimes hold the community in which they live and learn in contempt or apathy — because they feel the community members feel the same about them —rather than appreciating the people and the opportunities around them. This seems like it has become a vicious circle of misunderstanding. We understand that there are certain politics, even personalities, between the village and the college that do and will clash; but that should not stop the residents of these two communities as a whole from appreciating and sharing experiences with each other.

Recently, Cazenovia Republican editor Jason Emerson was a guest on “The Alex Hazard Show,” a college talk show (akin to a Letterman or Leno show) by senior communications major Alex Hazard (available on Youtube). We had never heard of the show, which is now in its third season, and were delighted by how well done it was — and somewhat ashamed that we never knew of it. Hazard is hilarious and brimming with talent, and, we predict, one day will be a major figure in television entertainment and someone we will all be able to eventually point to and say, “He started in Cazenovia.” Hazard is only one of many college-related gems that exist under the radar of the greater Cazenovia community.

So how can we all help bridge this existing chasm between the college and the village communities? First we must recognize that it exists and then we must realize that it should not. We must all be aware that we live together symbiotically and there are so many benefits to be had by both from both, if only we are willing to do it.

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