LETTER: Why are the Republicans embracing Zambrano?

— LETTER: Why are the Republicans embracing Zambrano?

To the editor:

In a letter that appeared in the Sept. 26 edition of the Star-Review, David Kirk spoke of his support for Cicero supervisor candidate Jessica Zambrano and asserted “Cicero needs to focus on the future.”

I agree wholeheartedly, absolutely and 100 per cent with Mr. Kirk. We do need to focus on the future. But Mr. Kirk conveniently forgets that the future is formed by the events of the past.

First, let’s get one thing straight. I am a life-long Republican. I did indeed seek my party’s endorsement for supervisor but only after it became clear that the Republican leadership was seriously considering endorsing Ms. Zambrano, a former Democrat, who in the span of a year, fell out of favor with that party, joined the Independence Party and then promised to become a Republican if she received the supervisor endorsement.

That’s either opportunism or indecisiveness, and both are unsuitable traits for a town supervisor.

Other very qualified Republicans, including Mike Radziewski, also sought the supervisor endorsement. But they too were passed over in favor of Ms. Zambrano. Why? What sort of deal was made between Ms. Zambrano and the Republican leadership?

Ms. Zambrano was a vocal, strong and frequent critic of both Cicero Republicans and our current Republican supervisor Jim Corl Jr., when he was a town councilor. It was only after Mr. Corl was elected supervisor that Ms. Zambrano saw the light and became a Republican ally, though, to this day, she is not an enrolled Republican.

A few short years ago, I was not alone in my criticism of Ms., Zambrano. Cicero’s Republican Committee Chairman, James Corl Sr., agreed with me.

In an interview published in the Aug. 29, 2007, Star-Review, Mr. Corl, Sr., was asked if he was happy with the then town board.

His answer: “Yes, with the exception of Ms. Zambrano.”

When asked why he said this: “I believe, with the exception of Ms. Zambrano, all are doing a great job. Ms. Zambrano never seems to be prepared for meetings and often seems confused.”

Well, there’s certainly no confusion now. Ms. Zambrano’s motivations are clear. The only confusion centers on why she is being embraced by the Cicero Republican leadership.



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