Nelson town board resolves parking issue by Blue Canoe Grill in Erieville

— Deputy Supervisor Mike Costello, who ran the September meeting in the absence of Supervisor Roger Bradstreet, who was out of town, made a motion to vote on the original plan to prohibit parking on the north side of the road. No member of the board offered to second the motion, so the motion died.

At the October town board meeting, the parking issue was discussed again and a vote called on the original parking plan. That vote deadlocked with two in favor, two opposed and one abstention.

At the board’s Nov. 20 regular meeting, Bradstreet said the board had received a second letter from the Erieville Fire Department stating that they need a clear traffic path on North Lake Road for emergency services. The board then took up the issue again — this discussion was different than previous discussions, however, as the board tied to the parking discussion the intended project to repair the north side drainage ditch culvert on North Lake Road.

It had been stated by town attorney Jim Stokes in September that because members and residents both brought up the concern that the north side of North Lake Road had a large drop-off into a culvert right off the road shoulder, which could cause people injury if they fell into it after parking on the north side of the road, if anyone were to become injured because of that it could result in a lawsuit against the town.

The board discussed in detail its plans to improve that north side culvert, and ultimately approved a resolution to direct the town highway department to complete the work before the end of next year. Town Highway Superintendent Jack Sevier said the work should cost about $5,000 and he should have it completed by about Aug. 1.

The board then voted, after a motion by Councilor John LaGorga, to approve the original proposed parking law (with the prohibition on parking on the north side of the road) with an added sunset clause stating that the culvert work must be completed by Dec. 31, 2014, and, once the work is done, the board will review the parking situation on that stretch of North Lake Road again and leaves itself the option to amend the law to change the parking regulations.

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