Nelson town board resolves parking issue by Blue Canoe Grill in Erieville

— After four months of discussions, public hearings, investigations, surveys and unresolved votes, the Nelson Town Board last week approved a new local law to prohibit parking along the north side of a portion of North Lake Road in Erieville by the Blue Canoe Grill. The law also included a sunset clause stating that after work improving the north side culvert on that same stretch of road is completed next summer, the board will review the parking situation and could possibly reopen parking along the north side if it feels public safety would not be endangered by doing so.

“We have a dangerous situation here that we need to remedy; we can’t just let it go,” Town Supervisor Roger Bradstreet said during the board’s Nov. 20 regular meeting.

The North Lake Road parking issue has been before the town board since July, when the Erieville Fire Department advised the board that the area near the Blue Canoe was congested at times and needed to be passable by emergency equipment. Visitors to the Blue Canoe (formerly Rosie’s), located at 3568 North Lake Road in Erieville, often park along both sides of North Lake Road, which leaves only a narrow alley passable by cars. Also, due to the configuration of the parking lot, the rear ends of cars parked adjacent to the road often stick out. This is not only prohibitive to emergency vehicles, but also upsetting to neighbors who must navigate the road daily and may at times find their driveways blocked.

At the July town board meeting, attending residents unanimously felt a prohibition of parking on the north side of the road, opposite the Blue Canoe, would best satisfy emergency needs and the neighbors in that area. During a Sept. 12 public hearing, however, multiple area residents said that parking should be allowed on the north side and prohibited on the south side because the north side has fewer driveways and mailboxes and would allow a greater number of cars to park on the road. Also at the September meeting, Erieville Fire Commissioner Dale Marland told the board that there is no issue with fire trucks and equipment navigating North Lake Road as it currently exists with parking on both sides.

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