Electronics Park sewer work continues

— In 2007, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued a Consent Order for Floradale Road and Viking Place. The Consent Order requires Onondaga County to repair and improve the Electronics Park Trunk Sewer which was originally built in 1948. After careful consideration, the county legislature approved the funding to construct certain improvements to the trunk sewer and the surrounding system. Two phases were scheduled with cost estimates at $10 million. Phase I addressed the connection issues. It was necessary to eliminate the cross connection between the two trunk sewers and rehabilitate up to 50 manholes to eliminate the inflow and infiltration that has contributed to the overflows. An 18-inch diameter pipeline was added to convey wet weather flow from the Electronics Park Trunk Sewer directly to the Liverpool Pump Station’s 2.3 million-gallon storage tank.

Phase II construction is currently underway. A wastewater pumping station and force main are being constructed to intercept flow from Hopkins Road and Industrial Park as it enters the Electronics Park Trunk Sewer and convey it to the Ley Creek Pump Station. The work for Phase II is being completed at two sites; Site 1 is at the corner of Limestone Drive and Electronics Parkway, and Site 2 is at Seventh North Street and Ley Creek Drive, near Route 81. The contractor is currently installing the pump station and pipeline. Due to the fact that we are nearing the end of our construction season, Phase II is expected to be completed in October 2014.

The reality is the infrastructure that supports our sanitary system is reaching its life expectancy. Most of our system is between 50 and 70 years old. At the national and state level, funding has been put in place to repair the “visible” infrastructure, like roads and bridges, but what lies beneath the ground is equally important to maintain and improve. Otherwise, we risk contaminating the ground water, rivers and lakes — the source of our drinking water.

Judy Tassone represents the fourth district which includes the town of Salina, the village of Liverpool and portions of the town of Geddes. Judy welcomes constituent feedback; she can be reached by email at jtasson3@verizon.net or at home, 457-5458.

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