Along the Lakeshore: Nov. 20

Beginning of winter, some thoughts on eggs

The sun is bright and the snow is new and white, glistening in the sun. We’ve had lots of early snowfalls in the past and I recall a minor snowfall as early as Oct. 15. We even had 6 to 8 inches on Election Day some years ago.

My garage has been organized and the Tahoe has had a brief trial fit. The Gem car is now resting in its place and a project that involves sanding some 16-inch wide clear pine boards is taking up the north end. On these cold mornings, I now know why remote starting is the leading aftermarket installation. Last year Installations Unlimited installed more than 5,000 of these devices.

Years ago my principal trainer, head steamfitter Don Swanson at the Syracuse Honeywell branch, had the idea that it would be nice to have some way to keep his vehicle toasty as he traveled around from job to job. He installed a line voltage thermostat that would start the car when the temperature inside fell below 65 degrees. It worked very well. When he was in a pedestrian traffic area, he would hang around watching people be amazed when his car started with no one in it. That was a long way from today’s computer-controlled engine management systems on modern cars.

With the snow, Mr. Lemon went out at 7:04 a.m. and was back at 7:11. He usually stays out 20 minutes for his needs and inspection of his world. I wish that he could have started the Tahoe for me and warmed it up. The walk was quite icy because I have not installed my heated path and the ice melt material was in the garage. By clinging with both hands on the rather substantial railing, I was able to navigate the steep part. I found the ice melt and applied it to the walkway for a safe return trip. Mr. Lemon doesn’t like to clean his feet if he has ice melt on his toes. He usually cleans his feet and washes his face and nose after his trips outside.

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