Baldwinsville benefit fund gives back to the community

In October, Mid State Lawn and Tree Service, Inc. was awarded the village’s tree trimming and remove contract for about $13,000. Last week, Mid State withdrew their bid and declined the contract, citing unspecified personal reasons for their inability to successfully complete the contract.

During the meeting, Trustee Wilder stated, “It sounds like they bid too low. Maybe next time we should do a bid bond so there’s some risk associated with backing out of it.” The board also contemplated removing Mid State Lawn and Tree Service Inc. from the bid list.

The only other bidder was TCR Landscaping, whose bid came in around $28,000, which is “way over our budget,” Saraceni commented.

However, according to the village’s engineer Steve Darcangelo, the tree committee tries its best to save trees, so the ones on the list for removal are indeed pressing cases. “There are a number of homeowners who have trees that’ve been on the list for years. We do have trees impacting private property, branches hanging and falling and that could result in injury or property damage,” Darcangelo explained.

The board contemplated awarding only part of the contract to take care of tree trimming and the most pressing of tree removals, but eventually decided to award the contract in full to TCR Landscaping at $28,000. Funds from the Highway Department will be used to cover the additional expense. Trustee Presley agreed with this move, saying “I don’t like to defer things - it’ll just impact next year. If the money is there, let’s take care of it.”

Fireworks at the tree lighting ceremony

The village of Baldwinsville’s annual tree lighting ceremony will include a firework display this year, capping off the village’s 165th anniversary celebration.

While the celebration fund is already overdrawn, the board pledged $2500 in support of the fireworks, with an estimated $1850 to be reimbursed by sponsoring vendors. The ceremony is scheduled for Dec. 7.

Kim Dryden is a contributor to the Baldwinsville Messenger. She can be reached through editor@baldwinsvillemessenger.com.

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