Baldwinsville benefit fund gives back to the community

At the village of Baldwinsville meeting Thursday, Nov. 7, it was reported that the Greater Baldwinsville Benefit Fund, the parent fund of the Baldwinsville October Fest, donated a total of $3800 to area groups.

The Baldwinsville Volunteer Center, the 2014 Baldwinsville School District Scholarship Fund, and the food pantry all received $1000. $500 was donated to the Baldwinsville Volunteer Fire Department for their participation in the Octoberfest push ball tournament and their support for the 5K race. The Baldwinsville Booster Baseball Club received $300 as well.

The most recent Octoberfest brought in revenues of around $33k with expenses totaling $28k. “We’ve supported Octoberfest for five years. Every year it continues to grow, and we’ve received lots of positive comments,” said Mayor Saraceni. “Octoberfest really couldn’t exist without this public-private partnership, and we’ve been able to pump about $35,000 back into the community.”

OCRRA plant at Amboy is “amazing”

Trustee Clarke and Saraceni recently toured OCRRA’s Amboy compost site, where food and yard waste are turned into compost. Clarke commented that “We’re headed in the right direction in keeping our area clean.”

“It’s amazing, actually, what the county is doing with recycling efforts. They’re talking about working with school districts’ table scraps and putting it with yard waste to create ‘black gold’ that we can dump into our gardens,” the mayor commented. “The village generates a lot of yard waste. They want it bad, we want to get it to them, so we’ll no doubt be in negotiation with them.”

Area residents can purchase a $15 site membership from OCRRA that allows them to drop off unlimited yard waste and receive up to 6 cubic yards of compost or mulch at either the Amboy or Jamesville locations. Memberships can be purchase on site or on their website, www.ocrra.org.

Tree trimming award withdrawn, awarded to only other bidder

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