Final redistricting report presented to LCSD BOE

— The two proposals feature a few differences between them. The geographical breakdown includes marginal differences, building enrollments under Scenario 12 are more in line with what the district was looking for and fewer classes are “capped” in Scenario 12.

According to Kuno, the district caps classes, particularly at the lower levels, in order to manage class sizes.

“For example, we like to have a maximum of 22 students at K and 1,” she said. “That would mean maybe there are three sections, 22 [students] each. So we cap it and we don’t allow any more students to move in. Capped students are the number of students have since moved in and we had to move them elsewhere [in the district]. So maybe there were four capped students who would have attended that building, but they couldn’t because it was capped.”

Because it has some extra capacity, Morgan Road Elementary would remain the district’s English as a Second Language (ESL) site under the proposed scenarios, which is advantageous because of its location at the center of the district. There’s also some extra space at Willow Field and Nate Perry Elementary schools, where new housing and apartment developments are going up.

The proposals also call for changes to how the elementary schools feed into the district’s middle schools. Right now, some of the elementary schools split their students among the district’s three middle school buildings. Under both of the redistricting scenarios, entire buildings would feed into middle schools as a whole; Chestnut Hill, Donlin Drive and Nate Perry would all attend Chestnut Hill Middle, Elmcrest, Liverpool and Long Branch would all feed into Liverpool Middle and Morgan Road, Soule Road and Willow Field would all go to Soule Road Middle.

Under Scenario 12, 25 percent of the district’s elementary students would end up changing schools. According to Kuno, however, they would be attending the school closest to their home.

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