LETTER: Don’t remain silent in the face of animal abuse

LETTER: Don’t remain silent in the face of animal abuse

To the editor:

When things around here work the way they’re supposed to, a child isn’t allowed to suffer from severe malnutrition. She doesn’t wander the streets covered with open sores. He doesn’t wither while others turn away.

There are systems in place to prevent such suffering. Passersby call the police. Schools contact protective services. The child is cared for, emotionally and physically … as it should be.

The abusers and neglecters face systems, too. Law enforcement, the judiciary, faith communities, and social services stand ready to deliver appropriate consequences or supports … also as it should be.

Systems break down — or don’t exist — when it comes to dealing with local animal abusers. This week, between two dumpsters on Syracuse’s East side, a severely emaciated, sore-ridden tan and white “pit bull” type dog cried himself to death.

It was probably too late to save the dog folks are calling Jax. His body was shutting down and he must have been in great pain. Weeks ago, maybe even days ago, it wouldn’t have been too late, but people looked away.

When you see something, do something. Don’t look away.



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