Along the Lakeshore: Nov. 13

Boat hoist repair, bird sightings

This hoist has been on the slow track since the beginning. When I purchased it, it was always “coming next Wednesday when the parts arrive from Syracuse.” The hoist was finally installed COD about halfway through the season.

David Sheppard reports that the pair of eagles spent two days in a tall tree near the corner of his lake lot on East Lake Road. This is the second year and he is sure it is the same pair. One sits in the tree and the other scouts out everything in a half-mile circle. They usually snooze a bit overnight then go off to some better fishing place to spend the winter. They are magnificent and we are privileged to see them from time to time. In winter 2010-11 we had a lot of eagle activity, as many waters north of us were closed-in early.

Susan informs me that Judge Charlie actually charmed the red-tailed hawk I mentioned two weeks ago to eat meat in his presence and to finally sit on a stick to eat out of his hand. That takes a lot of interest and patience to accomplish. I guess it is okay then that most judges can work to the age of 80. Anyone who can tame a hawk has the judgment to be fair with those who show up his court.

The water has changed about 0.03 feet this week, but the level is still higher than it should be, going into the last months of 2013. Flow down the creek seems to be a two position thing — big flow and then minimum flow. The goal in most things is modulation. Adjust the flow a bit higher and keep it running longer. This causes less stress on the creek banks and the folks who live on the creek enjoy a more regular flow. The ground is saturated and lots of water is entering the lake.

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