Along the Lakeshore: Nov. 13

Boat hoist repair, bird sightings

I noted today that the rope that was holding up my boat hoist was gone, so I checked with the binoculars and sure enough, the Lake Phantom had appeared and finished the job of replacing the hoist cable that was broken last September by a gang of grandson Henry’s pals from S.U. I don’t know what caused the hoist to get hung up and the cable to break when manual assistance was provided. I originally thought the hoist would have to be removed to repair it, but a call to the Lake Phantom revealed it could be fixed in situ. I was told that he would be there on Tuesday, as he had an appointment on Monday. He arrived the following Friday, raised the hoist, and secured it with his rope. I missed seeing him at the dock, but assumed he would arrive with a new cable shortly. Boating season was over and it didn’t matter how soon it was repaired, but I knew it would be much simpler to fix on a nice quiet warm day rather than fighting waves, ice crystals, and all sorts of nasty stuff in November.

The time lapse turned out to be approximately 60 days between the first visit and completion of the job. He always does a good job and I always try and pay him as soon as possible, hoping the next time he will respect my effort and return the favor when needed in the future. In some ways it is entertaining to deal with the Phantom, but exasperating and I should know better. When he does get it done, it is always done well and the price is fair.

I later eyeballed the situation and determined it was a straightforward project which I could have accomplished with a bit of help from someone more limber than “self.” You all know “self” — the one that argues with you about the things you are indecisive about.

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