Marcellus, Camillus, Elbridge election results

Town of Marcellus

Mary Jo Paul has defeated Daniel Ross for Marceulls town supervisor.

The full results of the Marcellus town races according to the Onondaga County Board of Elections as of the evening of Nov. 5:


Mary Jo Paul (Democrat, Conservative): 817

Daniel Ross (Republican, Independence): 735

Town council (two winners):

Karen Pollard (Republican, Independence): 1,077

Kevin O'Hara (Democrat, Conservative): 1,016

Thomas Laprop (Republican, Independence): 798

Town clerk:

Sandra Taylor (Republican, Independence): 1,298

Town of Camillus

Mary Ann Coogan has defeated Kimberly Sacco for town supervisor in Camillus. The full results are as follows:


Mary Ann Coogan (Republican, Conservative, Independence): 3,247

Kimberly Sacco (Democrat, Working Families): 1,924

Councilor, ward 1:

Eric Hammerle (Republican, Conservative, Independence): 562

Marvin Meissner (Democrat, Working Families): 311

Councilor, ward 2

Mike LaFlair (Republican, Conservative, Independence): 588

Councilor, ward 3

William Edward Davern (Republican, Conservative, Independence): 558

Councilor, ward 4

James Salanger (Democrat, Republican, Independence): 821

Councilor, ward 5

Richard Griffo (Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence): 957

Councilor, ward 6

David Callahan (Republican, Conservative, Independence): 854

Town justice:

Stephen Poli (Republican, Conservative, Independence): 4,345

Highway Superintendent:

Mark A Pigula (Republican, Conservative, Independence): 2,982

James M Myers (Democrat, Working Families): 2,180

Town of Elbridge

Full results are as follows:

Vernon Richardson and Robert Decker have been elected to the Elbridge town council.


Kenneth Bush Jr. (Republican, Conservative): 880

Town council (two elected)

Vernon Richardson (Republican, Independence): 730

Robert Decker (Republican, Independence): 572

Daniel Conroy (Democrat): 446

Highway superintendent:

James White (Democrat): 590

Dennis Pelmear (Republican, Independence): 545

Town clerk:

Debra H Stapleton (Republican, Independence): 960

Mary P Ganley (Democrat): 353

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