LETTER: Regarding Jax

— LETTER: Regarding Jax

To the editor:

Did you see the newscast about that poor dog who suffered an agonizing death? Did you see the picture and think how horrible that is? Did it make you feel sick? Did it make you want to cry? Are you still thinking about the dog and the animal abuse in our community and wanting to know how you can help, or are you already going about your day, forgetting all about the poor dog?

This is not the first dog found starved death in Syracuse or abused in some other manner, and it will not be the last. Did you know it is not a felony to abuse an animal? Did you know there is a link between animal abuse and abuse of people? Look at all the violence going on in your city — shootings, stabbings, robberies, kids stabbing kids and dog fighters killing dogs when the dog is no longer useful.

Turning a blind eye, doing nothing, will not stop any of this violence. You need to be an advocate. Call your legislators and demand animal abuse be made part of the penal code and demand stiffer penalties for abusers. You need to report any seen or suspected animal abuse. Call 911, Syracuse Police at 442-5336 or the SPCA at 454-4479. Call 1-800-771-7755 and the police to report dog fighting.

By saving an animal’s life you may save a human life as well.



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