Along the Lakeshore: Nov. 6

Mr. Lemon getting old, boat museum

The sharply lower temperatures of this week have brought a few ducks around. Sue spotted a pair of buffleheads on Tuesday morning and I saw a couple of the Merganser ladies with strong colors on their heads.

Last Friday I stopped at the Creamery and Sue suggested that I talk with Mr. Phil Pasco who was visiting the boat museum. He used to live in Wolcott and was the owner of the boat Sarah Kruse after Mr. Clapper gave it up. It’s exciting to talk with the 20-year owner of one of the impressive boats in our collection. He mentioned that all the negatives from Mr. Clapper’s photo collection reside at the Wolcott Historical Society. Sue found that they were only open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays in the fall and we stormed up to Wolcott. They are planning to close for three months this winter to make major interior rearrangements of the collections.

We took them by surprise, as no one has even started to organize the collection by year, date or subject. We’re hoping to find a picture of Mr. Clapper in his top hat and his wife in her finery out for a Sunday sail. The boat has a reasonable amount of sail area for a Sunday sail. Not like the America’s Cup high-tech catamarans with top speeds of 50 miles per hour and wings instead of sails.

We will stay in touch and see if we can have access to some of the interesting pictures. I don’t think anybody ever asked to see the negatives before. Now that the folks in Wolcott know that someone is interested, maybe someone who knows a lot about Wolcott from the 1940s to the 60s will take a stab at the chore of getting a handle on their negative collection.

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