Along the Lakeshore: Nov. 6

Mr. Lemon getting old, boat museum

The Wednesday paper reports that the lake level is 861.94 feet. This is down from 862.78 feet when I started writing about the water level on Oct. 11 and this is what was promised. It is on the high side of the guideline and 861.5 feet is the low range for Nov. 1. The flow rate is now about six or seven million gallons down the creek. This is measured downstream at a weir close to the bridge near the Welch Allyn factory.

My visual evaluation is that waves would wash under my north dock with minor damage and this should be a good level for beach repair and seawall work. If the water authority can hold the lake at 861.5 feet from now through April 1, ice chunks can flow under hoists and docks without doing any damage. However, if we get a tropical-type rainstorm or heavy snow run-off, there is not enough safety room and the lake could rise up very rapidly. This is the rationale for the 860 foot level on Jan. 1.

Mr. Lemon was under the weather last week. Dr. Bill couldn’t figure out what was bothering him, but said that he was on the mend. This proved to be true and Lemon was soon wolfing down his kibble and skim milk.

We discussed the bulging muscles just forward of his hips. Bill explained that this is usually from a variation in his normal gait to compensate for some arthritis or repetitive exercises. I assume it is from jumping 31 inches or more up into his nest at the back of my Tahoe, which he does six to eight times per day. He is not very excited about jumping out. The impact upon landing must jar his system a bit.

Sandy (Beagle number one) was so small that scooping her up into the truck was no problem. Ahmi (Beagle number two) was about as heavy as Mr. Lemon and she lived to be 16 years old, but we had a plywood ramp for her after she had her stroke in 2001. I suppose in the future we will have some kind of accommodation for Mr. Lemon, too.

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