Proposed ‘Farnham Street Kitchen’ zone change application withdrawn

Neighbor opposition kills bakery idea at 8 Farnham St.

— While village trustees signaled support for the idea, Farnham Street neighbors vehemently opposed the plan and turned out in large numbers at an Aug. 4 village board public hearing and an Aug. 12 village planning board hearing to stop it. Neighbors’ concerns centered around potential drop in property values; loss of quality of life from potential noise, odors, lighting and increased traffic; safety concerns for neighborhood children due to increased street traffic; and setting a negative precedent in allowing a commercial business on a residential street.

By a Sept. 3 public hearing, neighbors had submitted a petition to the village in opposition to the zone change and business plan, and had become more heated, even personal, in their arguments, at times suggesting shady backroom deals, purposeful omission of facts, ignorant municipal policies and statements of outright fabrications by Light all in the name of selfish profit motives.

After that meeting, Light twice postponed appearances before the planning board in September and October, before finally withdrawing her request from the village in her Oct. 24 letter.

Jason Emerson is editor of the Cazenovia Republican. He can be reached at editor@cazenoviarepublican.com.

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