Lysander to hold budget hearing Nov. 7

The Lysadner town board has finished the preliminary 2014 budget which will go before the public on Nov. 7, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the town hall auditorium.

The board had to face an overwhelming need to commence a program to preserve the town’s highway system. The extensive review that was done this past summer showed the poor condition of the town’s highway system. The estimated cost of repairs to all the roads is $8.5 million dollars. The town board has decided to proceed cautiously with the program to repair the town roads. Each year the review will be updated as will the costs attributed to those repairs. Many years of neglecting the roads have led us to the situation we are now facing. The longer we take to implement such repairs only hastens the decline in the town’s road system. All the board members present voted to accept this report.

The increase of $290,000 in the 2014 highway road maintenance budget over the 2013 highway budget is only part of the dollars that the 2014 budget exceeds the tax levy cap. The total overage is $901,906, which includes special districts. Changing the Smokey Hollow Fire Protection District to a fire district through consolidation with Lysander Fire District amounts, for this year only, to a change of $315,361 which contributed to part of the overage. An increase in user fees in the amount of $138,083 for special districts also attributes to the overage. In 2013 budget, $740,000 was taken from the fund balances to reduce taxes versus $374,000 in 2014, a difference of $366,000 which is also a part of the $901,906 overage. The four items explained above plus the increase is expenditures and the increase in revenue account for the total overage.

We hope by this explanation you can see the necessity for going above the tax levy cap. All the members in attendance at that meeting (four out of five) voted in favor of exceeding the tax levy cap.

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