Lambdin thanks community


To the editor:

With heartfelt and sincere appreciation, thank you to the residents of the Skaneateles school district for returning me to the board of education for a second term as one of your seven elected representatives. Congratulations to Margaret Usdansky and Geralyn Huba, both newly elected to the board during this period of unprecedented evolution in public education. Also congratulations to Rhonda Fabrizio and Doreen Bianchi on excellent and honorable campaigns mutually focused on issues important to the school and community.

Skaneateles, indeed any community, is elevated through discourse in a free and fair election with more qualified candidates than seats. When you’re in the grocery store buying bread next to your neighbor buying milk, on your way home to loved ones after paid workdays entirely aside your volunteer elected offices, it helps you remember what is most important close to home. Building on the foundation of individual student responsibility, Skaneateles is a community where we neighbors counter every one way that a child can get off course with two ways to keep the child on track, not just by words but by demonstration. As you may surmise, for me it is satisfying to be a small part of the big picture. Whether you’re eight, 18 or 80, it’s sure nice to know that people here care.

The enduring organizations of society transform us. In school, student becomes scholar, painter becomes artist, singer becomes vocalist, player becomes competitor, and acquaintance becomes friend. Children become adults. My earnest hope is that Skaneateles schools facilitate our students’ daily transformations in ever new and creative ways, always leading to increasing scholarship, health and wholeness. The endeavor of minting young adults can never be taken lightly by responsible communities, and the path is only navigable with eyes open and arms joined. Thank you for passing the school’s budget and for agreeing to fund public education in this time and place for the coming academic year. I pledge to work with all people in the school district to help deliver the highest value for tax dollars spent, appreciating nothing comes easily.

Thomas E. Lambdin

Skaneateles Board of Education


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