Along the Lakeshore: May 29

Road trip to Virginia, new recliner, softball

Sue and I went on a road trip to Virginia to see my best man in Richmond. Dick can’t travel anymore and we hadn’t seen him and his wife Mary and since the spring of 2011.

We dropped Mr. Lemon off at Wags Dog Motel and were told that there was a foxy little dog named Ginger who would probably like to take walks with Mr. Lemon, but I have not gotten a report as to how they got along. He has been sort of clingy since our return, but looks good and maybe lost half a pound or two while at camp.

We pounded our way down to the Gettysburg battlefield, followed the arrows around the various roads and finally got a good picture of the lay of the land and the progress of the fighting. We then headed to Frederick, Md. to stay with friends overnight. We had a really tough go through torrential rain and lightning all the way to Frederick. “Just a 30 minute hop” we were told. Some hop! We were off to Richmond Saturday morning.

We distrust the interstate roads around the Capital District, so we drove through the Virginia countryside until we intersected with I-95 just north of Richmond. The GPS wanted us to go to US-1 as “Lucy” said I-95 had delays. I figured US-1 would be full of folks avoiding the slow-down on 95, so we stayed put. The car never stopped moving, but I think our delay was about 30 minutes. It was helpful to have the GPS guidance through the highways around Richmond and out to Midlothian. I questioned Dick about the name and he explained there used to be an Upper Lothian and a Lower Lothian, which were colonial era iron mining sites. When they moved to the middle, it was called, not surprisingly, Midlothian. We spent Sunday with Dick and Mary and had great BBQ ribs Sunday evening.

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