LETTERS: Get involved, stay tuned to Lysander politics

— In my opinion, I believe these two were selected to help get Republicans back onto the town board, which I am not against. I just want the right person for the job who is going to look out for the Lysander residents and vote the way they should, not just the way the LRC wants them to vote.

My nephew, Kevin Rode (I am sure most of you have heard his name by now), also interviewed for one of the board seats. This is someone who is very involved with what is happening with this town board, what is being passed and what is not. He is always looking out for the best interests for all Lysander taxpayers and business owners. He questions things because he wants to know why they are voting this way on certain issues. He is very passionate about his community and would make deciding votes on what is best for all of us. He attends most all of the board meetings and work sessions as possible and checks up on every issue that is being voted on. Whether it is a personnel, funding or a tax issue. He does his homework on them all. He truly would have been a great bi-partisan candidate for this board and would always work for the better of this town.

The LRC really passed an opportunity to endorse this person for one of those positions. I guess they really did not want the best candidate on this board who would truly be honest and fair in all of his decisions.

Also, as for endorsing Lisa Dell as Town clerk again, Tom Dadey is quoted in the Messenger about a week ago that each of these candidates have the “highest sense of honor and integrity to do the best job” for this town. I do not think Lisa Dell has much honor or integrity as we all remember so well what she was part of with Barry Bullis; it was completely wrong to do this to any person and was caught on tape and the try to deny she had any part of it. Still waiting for the right outcome on this issue from the court system. I hope they do the right thing and make them pay.

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