LETTERS: Get involved, stay tuned to Lysander politics

— In regards to the recent endorsements for the two board seats that will be up for election in the Town of Lysander this November.

My questions about these two people who have been selected by the LRC is, are they really the best choices to represent the citizens of the Town of Lysander? Have they been actively involved in the board meetings and the issues that are now in front of the board? What made these two individuals interview for these two seats now?

Robert Geraci was head of County Parks; what makes him want to get involved politically at this time and serve on this board? I am also sure he was asked to interview from the LRC. Will he stand up and make the hard decisions for the people he will represent or go along with the LRC on what they want?

I need to know, as other many republicans, will he start to be very involved with the town in the next six months, before I could honestly say I would vote for him, and show us he is the best candidate for one of these positions.

As for Roman Diamond, I know nothing about him or what he believes in or stands for on the issues at hand. Hopefully in the next six months before the election we will have a better understanding of who this young man really is and all the town residents should be watching and listening carefully why we should vote for these two people selected by the LRC; I know I will be.

I do not believe these are the two best choices who interviewed for these positions. They will have to prove me wrong and be able to stand up to the LRC, just not go along with them on all the issues.

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